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Keep consistency,take control.

Minimum effort,maximum effect !  


Please feel free to browse through our pages to get an insight into the background of Kempo Jujitsu and what our Academy has to offer. We hope you enjoy our site.  

At the Academy we endeavor and strive to maintain a friendly and professional approach to Martial Arts in a family orientated environment.

Kempo Jujitsu enhances mobility, builds confidence, encourages vigilance,respect and discipline whilst gaining various self defence skills to deal with realistic situations. We teach both male and female of all ages, from individuals to families irrespective of age, ability or status.Whether you are new to Martial Arts or an experienced practitioner come along and enjoy what Kempo Jujitsu has to offer.

We welcome the unemployed and families at a discounted rate.


 Experience the effects of Kempo Jujitsu where you will train in:

Anti bullying approach.

Multiple attack defence.

Armed and unarmed tactics.

Grappling and throwing opponents.

Joint lock manipulation techniques (8+).

Restraining chokes and strangles (18 +). 

Ground control and submission strategies.


Traditional Japanese weapons.  

* We are not a sporting organization nor a competition based Academy and do not compete as our discipline is a self defence system; however we do spar primarily to build confidence. 

Click on our 'What is Kempo Jujitsu?' page to find out more.


First introductory session is free,No obligation!


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For further information please speak to an Instructor. Click on our 'Instructors & contacts' page for contact details. 

We have a demonstration on our video gallery to give you some idea of the effectiveness of Kempo Jujitsu.




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