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Menkyo Shihan Mark Watson - Shichidan 7th Dan Hanshi.

Professor Mark watson is the chief instructor and founder of the Academy. Holding an international Grand Master ranking.

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    1995 - Shodan 1st Dan. Awarded by Soke John Steadman 8th Dan of the Ronin Yudansha Ryu Kempo Jujitsu Academy.BJJAGB.
    1997 - Nidan 2nd Dan. Awarded by Sensei Carl Jones 5th Dan of the Bushi Kempo Jujitsu Association.BKJJA.
    2005 - Sandan 3rd Dan. Awarded by Kyoshi Ross Iannocarro 7th Dan of the National Jujutsu Council (disbanded) - Tai Jujtsu Kai.
    2010 - Yondan 4th Dan. Awarded by Shihan John Griffiths 8th Dan of the Mushin Budo Association.MBA
    2011 - Godan 5th Dan Renshi. Awarded by Soke Andy Mcgill 10th Dan & Shihan John Griffiths 8th Dan of the Mushin Budo Association. MBA. Menkyo Shihan title and life membership awarded by Soke Seigfried Boedeker 10th Dan of the Nippon Martial Arts Renmei International.
    2014 - Rokudan 6th Dan Menkyo Shihan Kyoshi. Awarded by Shihan John Griffiths 8th Dan of the Mushin Budo Association. MBA.
    2018 - Shichidan 7th Dan Menkyo Shihan Hanshi. Awarded by Shihan John Griffiths 9th Dan of the Mushin Budo Association, MBA.


                         Shidoin Rick Bork Sensei - Sandan 3rd Dan.

Sensei Rick Bork is a senior Instructor at teaching Level 4

           Shidoin Oliver Bertie Blackhurst Sensei - Sandan 3rd Dan.

       Sensei Bertie Blackhurst is a senior Instructor at teaching Level 4

                               Sensei Simon Phillips - Shodan 1st Dan.

Sensei Simon Phillips is the Academy's events planner & demonstration organizer. He is currently at teaching Level 2.



Pictured from left <---> right - Menkyo Shihan Mark Watson Hanshi, Shidoin Rick Bork Sensei, Sensei Danny Jones, Sensei dai Colin Eaton, Sensei Simon Phillips, Shidoin Bertie Blackhurst Sensei & Sensei Dai Adrian Bratt 






Phone: Mark on 07963 552107 email: kjujitsu@gmail.com 


 Phone: Rick on 07989 152047



Instructor Protocol

The Budo Shin Ryu Kempo Jujitsu Academy does not employ full time instructors as it is a non profit based organisation.The club is run solely as a hobby and recreational activity.ALL instructors are unpaid volunteers. It is not the policy of the Academy to allow an unknown instructor to take sole control of a class under any circumstances. Martial arts instructors generally have studied and trained in a club for a number of years before being invited to instruct on a regular basis. All instructors in charge of clubs have a history of service to their club and the Association and are well known and respected members. The Association along with the Academy require that all club instructors who teach junior classes obtain their CRB Disclosures as a professional tool. No-one with an unsuitable background will be permitted to teach martial arts at the Academy under Mushin Budo Association. Instructors also must have have Professional Indemnity insurance as well as an up to date first aid certificate.