Syllabus and achievements

 The 3 colour's of our insignia signify the following principles of our teachings. Hakama are sometimes worn at 1st Kyu.

White - Metal - ..Innocence,Purity,Placidity.

Red - Fire ..Passion,desire,Sacrifice.

Black - Water..Power,Mystery,New beginnings.

Grading's are held twice a year but junior & intermediate grades at a higher level may only grade once a year, dependent on competency.ALL students who wish to take a grading must have a good attendance rate to be eligible. Black belt grading's are also held twice a year but students taking a Dan grading must have an attendance rate of 85%. 


Mon Grade Syllabus

4 to 9 Years old

Gold stars are awarded to demonstrate the pass rate of a grading.These are applied to the junior certificates as follows:

 No star - Pass  1 star - Good  2 stars - Exceptional. 


 8th Mon - White belt/red stripe

  7th Mon - White belt/yellow stripe - eqv 8th Chukan no

   6th Mon - White belt/orange stripe - eqv to 7th Chukan no

 5th Mon - White belt/green stripe - eqv 6th Chukan no

 4th Mon - White belt/purple stripe - eqv to 5th Chukan no

 3rd Mon - White belt/blue stripe - eqv to 4th Chukan no

 2nd Mon - White belt/brown stripe - eqv to 3rd Chukan no 

Junior students do not study joint lock or choking applications.


Chukan No Grade Syllabus

9 to 14 Years old 

The syllabus for the intermediates is similar to the kyu grade syllabus,therefore when the intermediate student comes of the appropriate age they then move into the kyu grade category where they study the next target belt - i/e 5th chukan no is equivalent to 5th kyu so they will invariably train for 4th kyu.

Coloured tabs awarded to demonstrate the pass rate of a grading.This tab is attached to one end of the students obi to signify the pass rate as follows:

No Tab - Pass. 1 White tab  - Standard1 Red tab - Good. 1 Black tab - Exceptional.


 8th Chukan no - Red/white stripe

 7th Chukan no - Yellow/White stripe

 6th Chukan no - Orange/White stripe.

 5th  Chukan no - Green/White stripe.

 4th Chukan no - Purple/White stripe.

 3rd Chukan no - Blue/white stripe.

 2nd Chukan no - Brown/white stripe.  

 1st Chukan no - Brown (Brown/black stripe - 1st kyu)

Shodan - Black belt no tab - Minimum age 12+



Kyu Grade Syllabus

Senior grades 14 Years plus

Tabs are awarded on Kyu belts to demonstrate the pass rate of a grading.These are attached to the students obi as follows: 

No Tabs - Pass  1 Tab - Average  2 Tabs - Good  3 Tabs - Exceptional.


 8th kyu - Red

 7th kyu - Yellow

 6th kyu - Orange

 5th kyu - Green

 4th kyu - Purple

 3rd kyu - Blue

 2nd kyu - Brown 

 1st kyu - Brown/black stripe. 

Shodan - Black belt no tab.



 Black Belt Yudansha Ranks

Shodan - Age 12 + - Graded

Nidan - 2nd Dan - minimum age 16 - Graded

Sandan - 3rd Dan - minimum age 19 - Graded

Yondan - 4th Dan - minimum age 23 - Graded

 Godan - 5th Dan -  minimum age 28 - Time served 18 years service

 Rokudan - 6th Dan minimum age 34 - Time served 22 years service

 Shichidan / Nanadan - 7th Dan - minimum age 38 - Time served 26 years service

Hachidan - 8th Dan - minimum age 42 - Time served 30 years service

Kudan - 9th Dan - minimum age 46 - Time served 34 years service

Judan - 10th Dan - minimum age 50 - Time served 38 years service   



Apprentice, assistant and cadet instructor ranks  

No Indemnity, DBS or 1st aid required as these titles are either assisting with teaching junior grades or in training towards becoming an instructor

Deshi - Designated 4th kyu grade disciple/apprentice - assisting with juniors

White belt with black stripe - Age 18 +. Becomes Senpai at 1st kyu, instructor at 1st Dan.

 Kohai - 1st C/N - Intermediate trainee instructor (14 plus) - assisting in juniors

Black & brown split length belt.

 Senpai - 1st Kyu - Trainee instructor (18 plus)

Black & brown split length belt.

  *Dai SenpaiShodan - Cadet instructor (16 plus)

Black belt, white stripe. 

*Becoming an instructor at the age of 18 where they adorn a solid black belt and relative red  tabs*


Black belt ranks Nidan to Godan are known as 'Sensei Dai'.


Sensei Dai Nidan, Sandan & Yondan - Black belt assistant instructor

Black belt 2 to 4 red tabs - Addressed as Sensei by non black belt grades.


Tasshi - Godan to Judan - Black belt advanced assistant instructor

Red & white split length belt - Addressed as Sensei by all non blackbelt grades.


Instructor and senior instructor ranks & belt colours

 Allocated positions in which a student is selected and takes an instructors grading. 


 SenseiShodan 1st Dan & Nidan Instructor 

Black belt 1 or 2 red tabs.

 Indemnity, DBS & 1st aid required. Signed CPP.


  Shidoin - Sandan - Senior instructor - Sensei

 Black belt with red stripe.

 Indemnity, DBS & 1st aid required. Signed CPP.



 Titles & belt colours worn by master instructors under the Shihan

Indemnity, DBS & 1st aid required. Signed CPP


 These titles & ranks are addressed as Sensei.


Shidoshi ho - Yondan - Master rank

Red belt with black stripe.  


 Shidoshi - Godan, Rokudan & Shichidan - Advanced Master rank eqv to renshi

Red & black split length belt. 


Shidoshi - Hachidan, Kudan & Judan  - Senior Master rank eqv to kyoshi

Red & black block panel belt. 




Menkyo Shihan - Chief Instructor of the Ryu

Menkyo Shihan can be addressed as either Sensei or Shihan and means Chief instructor of the Academy which is designated to the main instructor of the ryu. This title/rank presides over all BSKJJA instructors and holds the authority to award the shogo titles of Shidoin & Shidoshi; it also has the privilege & license to award grades up to and including 10th Dan.It is distinct from other ranks & independent of the grading system at the Academy. Subsequent Dan's are awarded  to this rank by the Shihan or Soke of the Association; And can also be awarded by an International Jujitsu Governing Body. This rank has 4 Shogo accolades that are encompassed by the Shihan title from 5th Dan (i/e Menkyo Shihan Joe Bloggs Renshi).

Menkyo signifies antiquity and means 'License of transmission' and Menkyo Kaiden means 'complete license of transmission'. These titles can only be passed down by the Menkyo Shihan & Menkyo Kaiden and this is known as 'Lineage'. 


Menkyo Shihan - Yondan

Red & white panel belt. 

Master teacher


Menkyo Shihan - Renshi - Godan

Red & black split length belt.

Advanced Master teacher


Menkyo Shihan - Kyoshi - Rokudan

Red & black block panel belt.

Senior Master teacher / Teacher of teachers 

Menkyo Shihan - Hanshi - Shichidan & Hachidan

Red (top) & black (reverse) 2 tone belt.

Grand Master / Master of teachers


Menkyo Shihan - Soke Kudan & Judan

Red belt with black trim or red belt with gold trim.

Senior Grand Master / Great Master of teachers



 Teaching & Coaching Qualifications

Level 1

Assisting in the instruction of syllabus for the Junior grades. 

Level 2 

Instruction of the junior & intermediate grades in syllabus. Must have instructor indemnity, first aid, DBS & CPP.

Level 3

Instruction of junior, intermediates & senior grades. Knowledge of the BSKJJA syllabus, kata and kobudo. Must have instructor indemnity, first aid, DBS & CPP.

Level 4

Complete knowledge of the BSKJJA syllabus. Competent to demonstrate &  instruct in free style technique.Full knowledge of all kata and kobudo.Able to show instruction in all areas of Kempo Jujitsu to all levels. Must have instructor indemnity, first aid, DBS & CPP.

Level 5

Complete knowledge of the BSKJJA syllabus. Competent to demonstrate & instruct in free style technique.Full knowledge of ALL kata and kobudo.Able to show instruction in all areas of Kempo Jujitsu to all levels.  Must have instructor indemnity, first aid, DBS & CPP.


 "To become a great leader you must first be led....!"